I’ll Celebrate This Spring, If…

Flooding memories bring rains of words on my lips prancing
waiting eagerly for the spring to arrive for singing and dancing

But the sight of the poor and deprived makes me feeble and ponder
Whether they are also as excited for spring as others like me are

This spring won’t be for me if their hearts don’t bloom like flowers
If droughts in their lives don’t end with vegetation and spring colours

If their miseries are not mitigated with the retreating of winter
What’s the fun of enjoying alone this gift of our mother nature?

Amidst blooming buds, soothing breezes and birds chirping
Let the seeds of hopes sprout on the sprigs of community feeling

I’ll celebrate this spring if it brings smiles on those innocent faces
When broken hearts will reawaken with happy ones in embraces…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay



  1. But the sight of the poor and deprived makes me feeble and ponder
    Whether they are also as excited for spring as others like me are

    So true, Kaushal. I’ve realized, however, that the homeless almost always look forward to warmer weather…

    Much love,

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  2. Others have noted it is the season of warm weather arriving, of birdsong cheering the heart, of the first blossoms, appearing, of hope and cheer. This poem reminded me that all people don’t have the same response to the season, simply because they experience all of life at a different economic or social level. It’s not something I’d ever thought about before since I am surrounded by people who live lives not much different than mine. Thanks for an eyeopener, a thoughtful poem, Kaushal.

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    1. I truly appreciate you and your considered view, Doug! This is what I had in my mind while writing this poem. I have seen the plight of poor and underprivileged people closely. I always feel that we have no right to call ourselves free or civilised if this much disparity exists in the society. Thank you so much!

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      1. How true. That there are homeless, poor people in America and over 400 families worth a billion dollars or more says more about a priority failing of this society than any moral failings of the homeless, poor.

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    1. Thank you, Cheryl for your kind support. We got our freedom in 1947, but I ponder whether the deprived section of the society knows the meaning of freedom. The realities of life are so different.

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  3. I have great admiration for India, KK… your ancient cultures, democratic ideals, and emphasis on education and progress. I know that it is a huge country with many different cultures. Life in the villages and the countryside is different from in the cities. That applies in the US too, but probably to a lesser extent. Too bad human beings continue to destroy when what the world needs is for us to build. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Great thoughts, Cheryl. Really appreciated. I’m happy that you have high opinion about India and its legacy. Thank you. I agree that humans now have no value for humans. Futile fights and wars claim so many innocent lives. We can only pray for the well being. Stay blessed always!

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