पुनर्निर्माण / Reconstruction

माचिस की एक तीली ही
काफी थी कभी
किसी विनाश के लिए,
वही आज किया जा सकता है
कंप्यूटर के एक क्लिक से,
लेकिन पुनर्निर्माण के लिए
न तब कोई तीली थी
न अब कोई क्लिक…


One matchstick was enough
for any destruction,
the same can be done today
with a single click of computer,
but for reconstruction,
there was neither
a matchstick then
nor a click now…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Destruction is always easier, Kaushal than reconstruction as you have rightly presented today.
    You have made this profound and apt observation in a time of horrific war by clever wording, that is your forte. Thank you.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joanna! You’re right, it has been written against the backdrop of the ongoing futile war. There seems to be no end, except the end of innocent lives.


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