Humans and Humanity

This history is replete
with the evil and good forces,
whenever the arrogant evil
raised its ugly head
from time to time
the good as protector
came to the rescue
of the common people…

The common people
the helpless creatures
still get tormented by the evil
in one form or another
they remain the silent sufferers,
the mute spectators…

Nothing changes
only time has passed
and with the efflux of time,
the good, the God
doesn’t descend on and often
to intervene directly…

He has given us
his strength and will
courage and conviction
patience and perseverance
as His arms and ammunition,
we shouldn’t be afraid
of using them to counter the evil
as His dutiful representatives…

Love and humanity are His gifts
to us for being human
these have not been defeated
since time immemorial
and can’t be defeated
in future too…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. All suffering on Earth is in fact our thoughts that keep us in low Level, in pain, in suffering, in war with ourself first and others after, because we always think it is others faults.
    If we change our way of thinking in feeding love, human values, help, solidarirty, friend ship… The world will be marvelous for everyone.
    Change ourself and thé World will follow. Hé is what and who we are inside. It is a reflection of our thoughts and acts.
    We are the child of the “creator” (I’m not at ease with the world god) and we are at its image. Our power is bigger than we think. Just believer and Faith in our god’s power, our humanity which are the base of all humankind.
    Thank you for inspiring and sharing with us your beautiful inspiration !

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    1. What a lovely and thoughtful comment! You’re right, it all depends on us, our own action and behaviour. If we ourselves are devoid of love and values, we have no right to expect the same from others. After all, charity begins at home. Thank you for reading and sharing your beautiful thoughts.

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