I Love You

I love you..
because I love you...
I have no reason to convince
anyone including you
that I love you,
because I also don’t know,
I don’t know why…
it’s a feeling
coming straight
from the bottom of my heart,
there is no grammar
or any rule or SOP to follow,
it just happened
with or without the knowledge
of others including you…
I don’t need any affirmation
or confirmation,
it’s sheer belief,
my unflinching faith in you
and in my inner self
that need not be reciprocated,
but can’t be questioned,
and if questioned,
I have no resolute answer
and even if I try to answer,
it would be vague or deceptive,
that I don’t wish..
I wish to be natural
and true to myself
when I say
I love you…

Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. These three words are the only words which are very pure in this world but only few persons can understand it’s power… Otherwise mostly everyone doesn’t know the real meaning of it….

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  2. The meaning of this beautiful love poem, Kaushal, goes deeper than the conventional understanding of love. It could be directed at the muse who inspired it, a country, or even God,
    and it would be forever appreciated and immortal.
    Your vision of perfect love is inherent to all living creatures, and I can only thank you, Kaushal,
    for expressing in wonderful words, mine.


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    1. Your beautiful thoughts deeply resonate with me. Probably I couldn’t explain so well. Love is pure and immortal, particularly when it’s for the mother, motherland or God. Thank you, Joanna for this value addition. Much much appreciated!


  3. what a beautiful expression love so pure. There are so many kinds of love and I think love is who we are and love is everywhere. It is the expression for me of God. I love your poem. and I hope you get the sentiments when I say

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    1. Yes, Cindy, I got your sentiments in tact. Thank you so much! You are too sweet. I truly loved your thoughtful comment and agree that love is a vast term that encompasses all forms ranging from affection to devotion.

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  4. Beautiful thoughts Kaushal on how you love…love is beyond words and beyond explanations…It rises up in us and makes us giddy…You are a lucky man to be “out of control in love” Enjoy and give thanks for every minute and every day…❤️

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    1. What an expression, ‘out of control in love’! Loved it, Karima! I resonate well with you when you say that we should be thankful for every moment and day. Thank you so much 💐💖🙏


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