परीक्षा / Examination

स्कूल कॉलेज
सब छूट जाते हैं पीछे,
पर परीक्षा
कोई न कोई,
खड़ी रहती है
आगे हर कदम पर…


Schools and colleges
are all left behind,
but the examination
this or that,
stands ahead
at every step…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pixabay


    1. Thank you, Joanna. When I was in school, the annual exams used to be held in March, the month of Holi. We couldn’t celebrate Holi due to stress. But exams still continue in one form or another.


  1. How true, KK! In addition to the everyday tests of our ingenuity and patience, There are “quizzes” and surveys in the mail, over the phone, and online. Politicians, advertisers, and charities ask for our opinion before they ask for a donation. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Cheryl. You have enumerated a good number of exams. Apart from what you have mentioned, marriage and family responsibilities are also exams. We have exams and interviews for promotions in service as well. And who can escape from various medical and dental examinations? 😊

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