Deviant Officer

We had joined the Bank as Probationary Officers (PO) right after completing our education. We all were bachelors then and used to enjoy the life as students do, moving around mostly in groups for all kinds of fun and frolic. But some of us were serious and preparing for other competitive examinations including Civil Services Exam.

However, during probation period of two years, a PO has to undergo on-the-job training at five different branches at least. That means we had to move from one place to another after every five or six months.

Transfer means transportation of household goods too. As most of us were bachelors, we had not enough goods to hire a truck or so. Two or three brief cases or bags would suffice our need.

However, there was a provision in the officers’ service regulations that even a PO could hire a truck, if so needed to carry his or her luggage. After third transfer, four POs claimed rupees five to six thousand towards transportation in their TA bills.

Our Vigilance Department sensed something wrong. Probably they got some feedback from a corner. HRD, the controlling department for POs, started investigation, and they found that two of them were married, and they had genuinely carried his goods through a truck.

Third one was a bachelor, but had three or four trunks full of books and study materials, as he was preparing for other competitive examinations.

But the case of fourh one, Shekhar was different. As misguided by his so-called experienced colleagues at the branch, he decided to misuse this facility. Shekhar procured a fake MTR from a transport company in exchange of some money and claimed an amout of about four thousand rupees towards transportation.

When Shekhar was questioned, he refused to accept it claiming that he had actually carried his household goods. But when his house was inspected, it had hardly enough goods to justify hiring of a truck. Toll booths also had no record of movement of that truck number for the next three days from the date of receipt.

Disciplinary action was initiated against him and the disciplinary authority concluded that he had committed a fraud on the bank. Breach of a provision was deemed to constitute misconduct punishable under the regulations. And this came under the purview of gross misconduct that attracted major penalties like removal or dismissal from the service. There is a zero tolerance to treachery.

Deviance of this nature is not at all expected of a budding officer of the bank. Shekhar was dismissed from the service even before he was confirmed. Even a mother stops feeding, when the child starts biting.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. A cautionary story, Kaushal, and I am glad that the Indian banks are so well run and trustworthy.
    Avaricious people who lie to obtain money never stop, and so the man in your story,
    wouldn’t stop on one fraud.
    Thank you for the sweetener to your tale, beautiful flowers, always welcome to brighten the day.


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    1. You’re very right, Joanna, such a dishonest person never stops, even after getting condoned. In a financial organisation like bank, intention is more important than the amount involved. In the instant case, the intention was proved beyond doubt. I’m glad you liked the post. Thank you.


  2. Quite a thrilling and sad turning encounter. Shekar turned his own gun upon his head instead of using it to shoot life demons. Offending the bank is like offending one’s entire career life. Once they record a bad statement about your conduct and financial issues, you end up being blocked from every other professional institution. Too unfortunate for that overambitious young man.

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    1. Any organisation acts like mother that nourishes and nurtures the employee’s family. One can imagine how serious treachery will be, if it’s committed on own mother. So I agree with you that it’s like digging own grave. Thank you, Lamittan for sharing your beautiful reflections!


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