रोड़ा / Roadblock

न इधर है न उधर
जाने कहां से
आ बैठा है पुतिन
रोड़ा बनकर
हमारे सुकून के रास्ते में…

😴 😴 😴

Peace of life is
neither here nor there,
Putin has popped up
from nowhere
as roadblock
in the way of our peace…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for this apt post and wonderful video!
    Not surprisingly to me, once again you are standing up for what is unquestionably right
    in your uniquely interesting way of writing.
    Thank you from me and the rest of the world!


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    1. Thank you, Joanna for your kind words of appreciation. When a single person becomes a threat to world peace, he needs to be censored. He is not representing his country at the moment, he has become a law unto himself.


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