Group of Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday was Sunday and we old friends of Queen’s College again came together to meet face to face
using Google Meet for a chit chat. We updated ourselves how the things were going on in our respective lives.

One friend was missing, as he was hospitalised. We are in touch with him, but two friends residing in Varanasi confirmed that he was doing well, and there was nothing to worry.

Then we started our regular tidbits and chatters reminiscing old college days of pranks and naughtiness using the same slangs of the local dialect. A bit of that ‘child‘ in all of us was easily palpable. It continued for more than an hour leaving us all energised.

कुछ जिंदगी के पन्ने यूं ही खाली रह जाते,
जो नटखट ये दोस्त पुराने वापस नहीं आते…
(Some pages of life would have remained blank,
if these old naughty friends didn’t come back..)

During the pandemic, we had started this group of sweet sixteen old friends of Queen’s College to interact with one another in the group, as well as individually. It’s impossible to find a better warrior and doctor than friends in the life.

In this context, I would like to share a story explaining the philosophy of friendship.

After marriage, a man went back to his place of work with his wife. He never came back to meet his parents. After two years, the parents visited his place. He started sharing his excuses and thoughts with parents how busy his life had become both at office and home.

His father smiled and also called his daughter-in-law and then asked,
“Do you remember your old friends?”

Both of them were taken aback. What was the old man talking about to a newly married couple. Then the father shared his own life experience.

You may not realise the importance of your friends at this juncture, as both of you are happy with yourselves and respective jobs.

I was also got married. Then kids arrived. I gave a lot of love to them. I grew old while fulfilling their responsibilities. All of them including you got married and set up their own families and homes. All got busy with their responsibilities.

Only my wife and I remained in my house. My job also came to an end last year. Office colleagues forgot me very quickly. The boss who used to call me even on holidays, forgot me as if I never worked there. My life started going on a different track altogether.

But one thing never changed- my handful of old friends. My friendship never got old, tired or retired. Even today when I am with my friends, it seems that I am still young and I should live for many more years.

After sixty years of my life, I feel that the hands of the clock have gone full circle and reached the place where I need the same selfless, childish, stupid and naughty friends to keep me going.

Don’t forget your friends. Make sure to spend time with them. Always keep some friends with you. These savings will be useful for you throughout the life.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. This endearing post, Kaushal, is as heartwarming as it is unmissable advice. No one should underestimate the value of friendship, especially those from school/college years.
    Thank you for the beautiful presentation!


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    1. I’m really delighted to know that you liked the post. Your admiration means a lot to me. In fact I also enjoyed talking to them and writing this piece thereafter.


  2. Yes I relate to this so much! “After sixty years of my life, I feel that the hands of the clock have gone full circle and reached the place where I need the same selfless, childish, stupid and naughty friends to keep me going.” It is wonderful reconnecting or refreshing past friendships… They are even better be we’ve grown up, weathered storms, and learned to laugh loudly at ourselves. Lovely post. Just precious. 💐💐

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    1. That’s so very kind. I appreciate you and your touching words. The pandemic gave me an occasion to meet and greet old friends. I don’t know how we recollect those tidbits that we had forgotten long back. Thank you, Morag for such a lovely comment 😊💐

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  3. Well said Kishore! What attracted me to this post was the image of 16 birds. For a moment I thought it was a post on them. But friends are no less than the beautiful winged creatures taking us with them on sweet journeys.

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