दोस्त और दुश्मन / Friends and Foe

मेरे नए साथियों ने भरोसा दिया था कि मैं अब नहीं मजबूर हूं
मुझे लगता था कि दुनिया में मैं अब हर मुश्किलों से दूर हूं
मैं उनका हूं उनके करीब हूं यही होता रहा मुझे एहसास
आज भी हैं वे अपने घरों में आती है गरजने की आवाज
पर देखता हूं आज कितना निरीह हूं मैं अकेला निष्प्राण
दिलासा देते रहें दोस्त और कातिल करते रहे काम तमाम
मैं उनके शब्दों की मशाल अनायास हर तरफ जलाता रहा
और दुश्मन आकर अपना खुद का झंडा फहराता रहा
मान भी गया अपमान भी हुआ मेरा सर्वस्व समाप्त हुआ
खुश हूं तो बस इसलिए कि बाकी है अब भी दोस्तों की दुआ
काश मैं काबिल होता मेरी ताकत खुद की ऐसी होती
तो मान सम्मान के लिए दुश्मन से जंग उसके घर में होती…


My new comrades assured that I was no longer helpless
I started thinking that I was away from all the troubles in the world
I was theirs, I was close to them, that was my impression
Even today they are in their homes, roaring in my support
But I see how helpless I am today, alone and lifeless
My friends keep comforting and
the murderer goes on killing spree
I lit unnecessarily the torch of their words everywhere
And the enemy came and raised their own flags
Swallowed my pride, took the insult and lost everything
The only comfort is that I still enjoy the blessings of friends
I wish I was capable, my strength was enough
To fight the battle for my honor inside the enemy’s house…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. You have my admiration, Kaushal, for highlighting the terrible situation in Ukraine and the moral dilemma of the rest of the world on what to do for the best. Giving Ukraine help by sending in
    troops would escalate into World War III, the sanctions need time to work but nothing will stop Putin as nothing stopped Hitler, and so we live uncertain of the future.
    Of course, all this will affect even India.
    I find distraction in writing and reading your posts, Thank you.


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    1. Thank you, Joanna for your admiration. I agree, like other countries, India too will be affected. The geopolitical ramifications of this war are immense, difficult to envisage at the moment. If a mad person is not tamed fearing escalation of WW, that same man has the capacity to turn into a monster. Let’s see how the things move in next few days. Thanks!

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