Online War

Be it meeting or sale
classes or exams
everything is now
carried out online
in this pandemic era,
then why not war?

Let’s devise a way
to decide a loser
or winner digitally
with no loss of life
and property…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pixabay


  1. It would just be another video game… and those who like the taste of blood, and the smell of pus wouldn’t play… why not leave the leaders who relish the talk of war in a room with a single knife for 48 hours… anyone who walks out is the one winner…!! Of course this would only happen after 6 months of intense negotiations…!

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    1. You have suggested a very innovative solution, but they won’t agree to it. They may kill others, but not themselves. Let’s hope some plausible model is worked out in days to come. Thank you, Moriba for such an interesting comment!!!

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