कसूरवार / The Culprits

This is a repost
in view of the developments in Ukraine

सरहद पर
एक मरता है
दूसरा मारता है
जज़्बा दोनों का एक है
मादरे वतन की हिफ़ाज़त
पर कसूर दोनों का नहीं इसमें
कसूरवार बैठे हैं कहीं और
बंद कमरे के अंदर
सरहद से दूर


One dies
another kills
on the border
passion is one
for both of them
protection of motherland,
neither of the two is guilty
real culprits are sitting
somewhere else
inside closed rooms
away from the border

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Your poignant post, Kaushal, is an important reminder of the inequality, injustice, and idiocy of war. The volunteers who are now getting ready to fight and die for their homeland are not going to be led into battle by Putin and his Duma cronies. The fate of the children and women is impossible to imagine.
    This is another example of what’s happens when diplomatic language fails when we deal with
    someone like Putin, who is convinced just like Hitler was of his right to rule as much of the world as he can conquer. The governments of the world must make sure that he fails, by giving every necessary assistance to Ukraine.


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    1. Thank you, Joanna for sharing your reflections in detail. I agree with the last sentence, but I’m afraid, Ukraine has been let down by it’s so-called Nato friends. Verbal threats, condemnations and economic sanctions will not deter Putin, who has strategically planned each and every step.
      But I’m more concerned about the consequences. World fraternity remains noncommittal, and UN has become irrelevant. Simply in order to avoid third world war, the fear is that might will become right. Whether China will not behave in the similar fashion in case of Taiwan, if Russia is not stopped. One can justify action in whichever way. My only prayer is that better sense should prevail.

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  2. My heart aches even though it knows earth is a training ground but by now, I thought we could at least rule with peace not power, destruction and force. Your pie. Is descriptive of our tines-:🙏prayers and peace to you Kausal!

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