चाह / Desire

ढूंढ ही लेते हैं
भक्त भगवान को
पत्थर में भी
बिना अथक प्रयास के…
और नशेड़ी
ढूंढ लेते है नशा
कफ सिरप में
बिना समझे
इसके परिणाम…

🪨 🪨 🪨

Devotees can find
their God
even in a stone
without much efforts…
and addicts find
in cough syrup
without realising
its consequences…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. This little witty ditty, Kaushal, is clever in pointing out the danger in the cough syrup!
    The best remedy for caught or throat problems for those not addicted to other vices, and the safest is honey and lemon in hot water, there are no consequences, except you get better.


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    1. Yes, Joanna, there are harmful effects of cough syrups, some of them have higher content of alcohol, and also of DXM. But your remedy is one that I follow even with or without throat problems. Thank you so much!


    1. Once there was an acute shortage of a cough syrup of a particular brand in some areas. Then it was revealed that some people were hoarding it to get high. Thank you, Lamittan for your kind words 😊💖


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