नेता जी की अंगूठी / The Ring of Netaji

नेता जी घोषणा पत्र पढ़कर बस उठे ही थे
कि चमचमाती अंगूठी गिरी उनकी एक उंगली से,

मैं ने उसे उठाकर देना चाहा नेता जी को आज
कि आई उस अंगूठी से एक थरथराती आवाज,

मुझे मत देना वापस उस लुच्चे को फिर से
जो चोरी कर लाया है मुझे अलादीन के घर से,

आमदनी है अठन्नी और खर्चा रुपैया
फिर भी लूटता है लुटाता है यह भैया,

वादा करता है मुफ्त अनाज, मुफ्त बिजली और मुफ्त पानी
भत्ता, रोजगार, लैपटॉप, मोबाइल, पेट्रोल और कर्ज माफी,

इतने भारी भरकम यह वादे करता रहता है
जिसे अलादीन भी पूरी नहीं कर सकता है,

झूठा बंदा अनायास मुझे भी मक्कार बनाता है
इस अभिमानी के पास मेरा दम घुटता जाता है,

इस दंभी नेता के झांसे में अब और नहीं मुझे आना है
मुझे तुम्हारे साथ या अपने मालिक अलादीन के पास जाना है,

सोच सोच गदगद था मैं भाग्य है अच्छा कितना मेरा
कि पक्षियों की चहचहाहट ने तोड़ दिया सपना मेरा…
💍 😂 💍 😊 💍 😂 💍 😊 💍

Netaji’s ring

Netaji* had just got up after reading his manifesto
that the sparkling ring fell from one of his fingers,

I wanted to lift it and give it back to Netaji
that a quivering voice came from that ring,

Don’t hand me over to that scoundrel again
who brought me here after stealing from Aladdin’s house,

Expenditure becomes huge but income negligible
as he loots and splurges money on freebies,

Promises free grains, free petrol, free electricity and water
subsidies, employment, laptop, mobile and loan waiver,

He keeps making such huge promises
that even Aladdin can’t accomplish,

This falsifier thinks all are too buffoon to know the real
I feel suffocated in the company of this rascal,

I don’t want to be bluffed anymore by this conceited leader
either take me with you or to my master Aladdin,

I was thinking how lucky I am
that the chirping of birds broke my dream…

*A political leader

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay


  1. The voting is on the 20th of February, but your apt essay, Kaushal, has every word dripping with sarcasm, and rightly too, as the elections pledged are rarely kept.
    The ending softens the effect but do we ever feel sorry for politicians?


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    1. Your comment made me feel happy. Thank you, Joanna! In India, every time is election time. The present one started on 10th Feb and will end on 7 Mar (in 7 phases). As regards politicians, I can simply say that they have failed us, and are still doing the same. There are numerous reasons and we as voters are also not above par.


  2. Good one, KK! I think many countries have similar issues with politicians. Your poem expresses the problem of corruption so very well.

    Florida’s new voter suppression law went into effect this year. We have voted by mail for several years, and ballots were mailed to us automatically. Now we must make a new request for a mail-in ballot each year. I heard that in some of the states that have enacted such laws, 40% of the applications for mail-in ballots are being rejected on technicalities. Our state governor has his eye on the presidency! A larger percentage of mail-in votes historically have gone to the opposition.

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    1. You are right, Cheryl, India is not alone. We see such things in other countries as well, but what is more intriguing here is the culture of freebies, the burden of which goes ultimately to honest taxpayers, who don’t get any facility. They feel cheated.

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