The Best Is Yet To Come

Age from fifteen to fifty
is considered prime,
full of vigour and energy,
with budding ideas,
and vibrant actions,
but on reaching sixty
and even beyond,
the same agility
may or may not be there
but wishes remain unfulfilled,
conflict may ensue within
between flesh and soul…

One may cringe
at the sight of wrinkles,
but each and every wrinkle
bears testimony to knowledge
and experience
as also of the beauty
of its adorable dimples
or even better like raisins
sweeter than the grape berries,
that’s also the reality
and so are the wishes
and wishes are horses…

Mingling with people
and engaging in activities
that remind and reiterate
the days of youth
will keep the heart young,
soul and flesh will follow suit,
can then remain behind
the spring of youthfulness
that will keep one moving
with an unfailing hope,
the best is yet to come…!’

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. How many times, Kaushal, I have to remind you that you are immune to age! You write inspiring essays and poems, much better than those published by bloggers half your age. Most heads of state are over sixty or even seventy. We all know of the ninety-odd women flying standing on
    the wing of a plane or winning dancing contests. If I may say, you look better now than in your fifties!
    Age is just a number, Kaushal, and it is how we deal with our life that will pay dividends later on;
    healthy vegetarian diet, yoga, variety of interests, walking, helping others – this is what will allow us to say “the best is yet to come”.
    Thank you, Kaushal, for the beautiful presentation, the flowers make my heart sing!


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    1. Thank you, Joanna for this detailed comment. It’s really great to connect with you. I agree with every word of yours. A disciplined lifestyle, a good food habit and positive attitude pay in the long run. Thank you for your beautiful compliments I’ll always cherish. Much much appreciated !!


  2. Wowww Sir! Full of positivity.
    You gave an optimistic message. Age is truly just a number, the experience matters…’The best is yet to come’…πŸ™

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