There are many evils outside,
rivers and rivers of evils
flowing here and there,
I also grumble
whether this world is
really worth living,
but when I look inside
for a moment
I’m surprised
that a tributary is
also flowing inside,
I try to reason out myself
when, why and how,
but find no answer
I don’t like to scratch it further
simply start flipping through
the pages of a newspaper
to divert my attention
to burning issues
of the day…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay



    1. I agree, Shobana. Even current news are not so uplifting. Paid and motivated news and views vitiate minds. The only thing we can do is to keep a safe distance as far as possible.

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  1. No matter how bad the daily news is, Kaushal, this world is worth living because to eco Goethe’s words, “We are here to wonder”. You know that since you have included the picture of the globe.
    The beauty of nature and the fabulous temples, mosques, and cathedrals that humans built
    are priceless and worth being seen, no matter what evils are there, as they will never win.


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    1. I like your optimistic and positive thoughts, Joanna! It all depends on our own vision. The fact is that so long this world will exist, there will continue to be evil and good forces. It’s upto us to decide what path we have to choose. Thank you so much for your inspiring comment.


  2. KK, a profound and insightful poem! Very thought-provoking, clever and engaging!

    For several years, I found watching the news distressing and had to limit my viewing time. The news is somewhat better these days, but I still try not to overdo watching it.

    Looking honestly inward can also be distressing, but I don’t usually find it so. It is a reminder to be tolerant of others. None of us is perfect, and each of us is a product of his or her environment.

    Of course, we have an obligation to improve ourselves and our environment as much as possible! 🙂 Thank you for being there to remind us of that duty!

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    1. Wow! Such a detailed and beautiful reflection, Cheryl. I agree with you that we have our obligations. You’re lucky that you find news better there. Here news and views are vitiated and motivated. Everything becomes political, and even illogical. I watch tv just for headlines. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experiences 😊💖

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