Who Am I ?

People ask me who I am
my answer is simple
I’m Kaushal
but is it really so simple?
I question myself
just a seven letter word
explains what I am!

Right from my birth till date
I have undergone several changes
physically, mentally,
ethically and socially
people I came across
in different spheres of my life
whether in my schools, colleges
or employer organisations
left an indelible print
on my psyche and personality…

I’m a friend, a colleague
as also someone
in the organisational hierarchy
I’m a son, a father, a brother
and a husband,
there are also bits of me
contributed by the places
that I have visited
or where I have lived in…

I’m a bit of this thing,
a bit of that thing
bits of so many things
with both plus and minus points
I can’t sum it up
just in seven letters…

Only I know what I am
when I put a mirror in front of me
and wish to remain what I am
open always to ideas, thoughts,
advices and criticisms
grasping something new every day
and discarding something old
and that’s just
what makes me what I am…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Although you have eloquently written, Kaushal, who you are and what makes you think and do things, this is not the whole picture. Who you really are, Kaushal will be established by others who will see you as the nice, most friendly, most polite, loyal, open, honest, and approachable person that you are. I hope that answers your question.


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    1. Wow! So many beautiful adjectives! I’m humbled. I agree with you, Joanna that others decide what we are, but there may be certain facts that only we know, unless we tell others. Thank you, Joanna for such a wonderful comment. Much appreciated!!


    1. Thank you, Grace for your kind words. It really makes no difference for me. You can use any of the two, or even Kishore, as per your own convenience 😊💖💐

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