मंदिर से मधुशाला तक / From Temple To Tavern

दर्शन कर मंदिर से पप्पू निकला था जल्दी जल्दी
कि सामने से आ रास्ता काट गई एक काली बिल्ली

घूरे जा रही थी वह चमकीली आंखों से वहीं खड़ी
‘पीछे से आकर मां बोली यह कैसी विपदा आन पड़ी’

मां का रास्ता न वह काटे दौड़ा पप्पू उसके आगे
पर बिल्ली भी उसके समांतर दूसरी पट्टी पर भागे

लगती थी वह आमादा रास्ता फिर से काटने को
पप्पू के मन में भी आते जा रहे थे तरकीब अनेको

न पप्पू रुका न रुकी वह काली मौसी बिल्ली
चकमा दे देकर मानों वह उड़ा रही थी खिल्ली

दौड़ते दौड़ते पहुंच गया वह एक मधुशाला के द्वार
जहां मिला उस बिल्ली को जूठे चकने* का स्वाद

शायद वह जा रही थी अपने चिर परिचित ठिकाने पर
पप्पू नाहक पीछे लग गया उस अबला को भगाने पर

वापस आकर मां को प्यार से उसने ढाढस बंधाया
‘आते हुए किसी अपशकुन को देखो मै टाल आया’


From Temple To Tavern

Pappu had just come out of the temple after having darshan,
that a black cat coming from the front crossed his path,

While she was staring at him with her bright eyes,
his mother coming from behind exclaimed, ‘what kind of calamity lies ahead’,

The cat had not crossed his mother’s path, so he ran after the cat,
but the cat also started running parallel on the other side of the road,

It seemed that the cat was hell-bent on crossing the path again,
many tricks were flashing across his mind to shoo her away,

Pappu was not in mood to stop, and so was that black cat aunty,
who kept dodging as if she was making fun of him,

While running Pappu finally reached the door of a tavern,
where that cat stopped and got busy devouring leftover chakna*,

May be she was on her way to this familiar place of hers,
and he was unnecessarily trying to drive the poor cat away,

Pappu came back and consoled his mother affectionately,
‘look, I have sent back that bad omen successfully’…

• snacks consumed with alcohol

P.S. This was originally written for a prompt in Hindi, ‘Black Cat’. While a black cat crossing one’s path is considered to be good luck in many parts of the world, some in India consider it as a bad omen. Please note the poem has been written in a lighter vein and has nothing to do with anybody’s faith or superstition.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Black cat? Even if a white snow cat crosses the path of my friend(who recently started her new business), she’ll abandon that path for atleast a week. Haha.
    Though, it shows the love & affection pappu has for his mother.

    Quite a profound tale, Mr. KK.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, your friend is not alone in this world. Superstitions in this scientific age are a bit surprising. But you have very well summed up the post. I had once heard a man saying that he doesn’t believe in superstitions, but he does believe in what his mother says. Thank you Tanishq for sharing your interesting reflections 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Firstly, Kaushal, may I wish you and your family,
    Happy Basant Panchami!
    I know that you will enjoy Rajbhog.
    I learned how to make it!

    As I love all animals, I don’t need to comment, anyway it was a witty take on superstition. Lovely photo!


    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you, Joanna for your good wishes that I heartily reciprocate. You know much about Indian festivals and traditions. Yes, Rajbhog is really tasty. I’m glad you now know how to make. During my school days, we used to celebrate Basant Panchmi with much hype and fervour, as on this day we worshipped Ma Saraswati, goddess of wisdom.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, Joanna, we wear yellow clothes today. There is no mustard field close to my residence. But you are right, Basant Panchmi is the beginning of basant (spring), and is also the Indian version of valentine day.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like Indian dishes.
        My son has an Indian pilot friend with his wife coming over to work and life here in Papua New Guinea.I luked how the wife prepared Indian dishes for us. Lovely couple. Now their are back in India. Newly married couple.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. I like cats. Cats of all colours. In my culture, we don’t have any beliefs in bad omen about cats, but only in certain times, when people fall sick or die, a person who claim to have superpowers and look into anther person’s soul and has evedience of his/her findings of possessing the spirit of any animals, be it a cats or a dog, witchcraft is blamed on whoever possess it and casualaties befall them. A sad part but I will not go further here I like the part of the story where pappu is concerned of his morther, and offcourse, we all have affection about those who care about us..Thanks for sharing. Interesting read! 😊🌹

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s human tendency to find some scapegoats for our own shortcomings. There is nothing like bad omen or good omen, in my view. God has made us all. But I appreciate you for noticing Pappu’s love for his mother. At times, people give in to such superstition just to respect the feelings of elders. Thank you, Joanna for your appreciation 😊💐

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It depends, Grace! I have a friend, who has five or six cats, and he enjoys their drawings on sofas, shoes etc. Hahaha. But you liked the post. Thank you so much.😊💐💖

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