आत्मीयता / Intimacy

आकाश तो
कोई भी छू ले,
लेकिन आत्मीयता
और प्रशंसा मिलती है,
नीचे ही धरातल पर
अपने लोगों के बीच…


Anyone can
touch the sky,
but appreciation
and intimacy one can get,
only on the ground below
among the loved ones…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. This one is a real thought provoker Kaushal:) Yes, we can admire Nature but Nature does not necessarily admire us..if it could communicate feelings with us, I think we might learn how seriously disappointed it is..concerning how we have treated and “protected” it. As Humans, are made to share these bonds, intimacy, love, appreciation and also the ability to love and admire things that can’t love back..You made me ponder…:)

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    1. Thank you, Karima for your thoughtful comment. Love or respect should always be mutual. One sided affair or relationship doesn’t work in the long run. Human relationship with nature has been like this only.

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