सरल भाषा / Simple Language

उसने कुछ बोला, मैं सुन नहीं पाया
मैं ने वापस पूछा, उसने समझा नहीं
उसने कुछ लिखा, मैं समझा नहीं
मैं ने समझाया, पर उसने पढ़ा नहीं
उसने मुस्कुराया तब, मैं भी मुस्कुरा दिया
मैं भी समझा, उसने भी समझ लिया-
मुस्कान की भाषा कितनी सरल है…


She said something, I couldn’t hear
I asked her back, she didn’t understand
She wrote something, I couldn’t understand
I explained it, but she couldn’t read
she smiled then, I smiled back
I understood, she understood too-
the language of smile is so simple…

–Kaushal Kishore
image: pixabay



  1. A wonderful little ditty, Kaushal, to end the day with! You always encourage us to smile,
    and it works, as it is such a universal language and it makes us feel better.
    “The smile is the first step to touch the sky with our hearts.”
    Unfortunately, Kaushal, I don’t recall who said this profound truth.


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    1. Wow! What a quote! The smile is the first step to touch the sky with our hearts. I have rewritten here to memorise it. Thank you so much, Joanna for sharing it and your kind words.


  2. I actually played a scene out like this like 20 years ago,,,and finally realizing we could not communicate because of a language barrier..we started to laugh and laugh, tears of laughter rolling down our faces..and we became best friends..(when I finally learned her language:) Those smiles, that laughter spoke louder than any words.. I love this Kaushal..so true and you took me back too..when I lived it , in the flesh…❤️🤗🌹🙏

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    1. What an interesting story! I’m so happy to hear that. I’ll always remember it. Silence and smile have their own ways to communicate. You’re the live example. Thank you so much, Karima for sharing this wonderful experience 😊💐💖🙏


  3. haha
    I said it clear
    But didn’t you hear
    the words were easy
    guess you were lazy
    you heard me too
    but listen to me, you didn’t do 😉
    wrote in words
    explained in details
    lost the moment
    lost the time
    but didn’t lose you!
    so guess everything is fine

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    1. I agree with each and every word of yours. Smile is a universal language. Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful reflections 😊


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