My Mom and Her Ganga

A white cow used to come to our house exactly at 5 P.M. every day and would simply stand near the main gate. My mom would herself go out to cuddle her first and then give jaggery and rotis (home cooked breads) kept specially for her. She would calmly and appreciatively see the cow eat. She had lovingly started calling her Ganga.

When my mom was not at home, her clear instructions were to give jaggery and rotis as usual to Ganga. I was too small then. My elder sister or brother used to officiate in her absence, but minus cuddling. Ganga also used to understand that mom was not there. On those days, she would simply eat and go away without getting cuddled.

Ganga was a stray cow, and we were not aware from where she would come and go, but she was regular and punctual every day without fail. My mom also used to wait eagerly for that half an hour meeting with her Ganga. My mom used to say that Ganga was her mother in the previous birth, and we started calling her our Nani (grandmother).

It was difficult to remember when this love story exactly started, but this went on uninterrupted for almost six years. One day Ganga didn’t come. It was unusual for her. My mom got disturbed. The next day again, she didn’t turn up. My elder brother went out to trace Ganga, but to no avail. And it was the end, the end of that bovine love. A happy relationship had come to an end.

My mom was not her usual self for quite sometime. My elder brother suggested, “Let’s feed some other cow daily as usual.” My mom stared at him, as if she was saying that we were not able to understand her feelings.

Whatever may be her belief, but we were really surprised to see this unique relationship and understanding between the two. We could easily fathom what is true love without any expectations. The best relationships normally start unexpectedly, but shouldn’t end so abruptly.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. What a beautiful and moving tale to start my day, Kaushal! I love the way your mother understood the need of this stray animal not only for food but for affection too. From all your writing about your exceptional mother, I always admire your deep love for her, and how much you miss her now and forever.
    I can only thank you, Kaushal, for today’s story; it will keep me happy all day!


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    1. Yes, Joanna, I miss my mom. Not a single day passes without remembering her. But you really made my day when you said that this story would keep you happy all day. All the best. Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated.


    1. Thank you so much, Radhika for your beautiful thoughts appreciating this unique bond. I still cherish the memories of those days. 🙏💐


    1. You’re right, Tia. My mom was a large hearted person, like all other mothers on this earth. But her love for this special cow was exceptional and divine. Thanks for your kind appreciation!!

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  2. Such a beautiful story KK

    My grandfather had a clutch of cows that similarly came to his gate each morning . He would collect a stash of bananas and feed them daily. On the day he died they returned and I fed them that day. They never returned again.

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    1. So similar and relatable! That proves that the bonding was on individual level. So amazing, but true. Thank you, Ananda for reading and sharing this beautiful story.

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  3. Oh my such a beautiful true story Kaushal..thank you for posting this..Animals bond spontaneously sometimes with their humans,,,and it is a bond based on true love as you say. I could totally relate to your mom’s care of Ganga and her heartbreak (because that’s what it is) when Ganga never returned. You told it so well…🌹🦋🌷❣️

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    1. I’m happy that you liked the story. In retrospect, I feel that the bonding was not only emotional, but divine too. Animals sense the feelings better than humans. Thank you, Karima for your beautiful comment 💐💖🙏

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  4. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story and the beautiful photos, KK. Your mother seems like she was a very kind person.

    I used to sing to the neighbor’s cows when I was around eleven or twelve years old. They would come over to the fence and listen as long as I would sing. I guess there wasn’t much musical entertainment around! 🙂

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    1. Wow! Singing to cows! Amazing experience, Cheryl. This is unique in itself. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections and also for your appreciations 😊💖

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  5. I totally relate to this KK and adore your mother already and your Nani! That is the sweetest and your mother’s love is so deep.. I don’t want to know what happened to poor Ganga and I feel the pain of your mother.

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  6. Sometimes it happens with us! Your mom and Ganga had a close bonding! You know there are so many people everyday feed lots of stray dogs! Me also. Beautifully written loved to read!🤗👍

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    1. You’re right, Priti. I also see a lot of people feeding stray dogs. One rag picker buys biscuits for this purpose only. But it’s strange that a cow visits a house every day at a fixed time only. Thank you 😊💐

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      1. You know my mother-in-law gives biscuit to a crow daily in the morning and surprisingly it comes every day at the same time and tries to notice us by caw caw till it gets biscuits.

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