याददाश्त / Memories

हे मेरे प्रभु,
अब इस उलझन से
मुझे निजात दिला दो…
या तो मेरी याददाश्त ले लो
या फिर उनकी वापस दे दो…


Oh my God,
now get me out
of this confusion…
either take my memories,
or give her back…

–Kaushal Kishore




  1. oh the struggles of having to say goodbye! I woke up from a dream he other night of a house I visited many time in my dream. We built it and yet never moved into it. It has become a confusion now as I truly wondered what happened to it. It’s so real, I know every room in the house. 💖

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    1. What an amazing reflection, Cindy! So strange, but real. Dreams are unpredictable most of the time, but these become real too. Thank you for sharing this unique experience 😊💖

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