छवि, एक पहेली / Image, An Enigma

खाली कैनवस पर
एक खूबसूरत सा चित्र
बनाते बनाते थक कर सोया ही था
कि चित्र वाली एक छवि
खड़ी हो गई मेरे सामने
मेरी ओर उंगली उठाते हुए वह बोली
पुरानी बातों को कुरेदोगे
तो परिणाम भुगतना होगा..
किंतु मैं दोषी कैसे?
तुम्हारी एक तस्वीर ही तो बनाई है
उसने बोला इसलिए कि…
…. कि तुम जानते हो
तुम जानते हो सब कुछ…
मैं नहीं समझ पाया कुछ भी
क्या मैं इतना बुरा हूँ
जितना मुझे बताया जा रहा था?
सो नहीं पाया फिर
नींद गई वह छवि भी गई
और उस चित्र की खूबसूरती भी…


I had just slept
tired of drawing
a beautiful picture
on the blank canvas
that an image of that picture
emerged in front of me
she said pointing a finger at me
if you scratch the old things,
you will have to face consequences
but how am I to be blamed
for drawing your picture?
she said bluntly, because…
….you know
you know everything…
I couldn’t make out anything
am I as bad as I was made out to be?
I couldn’t sleep any more
the image had gone
and the beauty of my drawing too…

–Kaushal Kishore




  1. This, Kaushal, is perfect enigma! The beautiful drawing comes off the canvas and addresses the artist. It sounds like a nightmare! How original are your ideas!
    Thank you for the presentation and a lovely wake-up call.


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  2. As they say..you never know which Skelton will Tumble out when you try to force open closed cupboards in a relationship. The option is ours to let it be or probe. The consequences got to be understood.

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