Challenges from Within

A bird hunter was selling partridges in the bird market. He had a lot of partridges in a big netted basket, but there was only one in a small mesh basket.

A customer asked,
“What is the cost of one partridge?”

“50 bucks!”

The customer asked the price of the one of the small basket.

So he said,
“I don’t want to sell it, but if you insist,
it will cost you 750 bucks!”

The customer was surprised,
“Why does it cost so much?”

“Actually this is my own pet partridge. It intelligently works to trap other partridges by calling them in its own language. When they gather at one place without thinking, I easily hunt them. That’s why I keep it with me all the time and give its choicest feed to keep it in good humour.”

image: pinterest

This small story is applicable verbatim to our political scenario. We became slaves again and again to foreign mercenaries and power due to such intelligent traitors. Our history is replete with them.

All invaders had the support of the so-called highly educated and intelligent Indians. These rogue elements were educated to rule over and keep India poor. If General Dyer was responsible for the Jallianwala bagh massacre, who were the sepoys who fired at the innocent protestors?

Even today, when we see an elite group openly talking and acting against the interests of the country, our heads are lowered in shame or embarrassment, because they justify their action by going off on a tangent with their overly verbose platitudes.

Today marks the 125th birth anniversary of iconic freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who contributed crucially in the Indian Independence Movement with his revolutionary and nationalist ideas by raising the Indian National Army, also known as the Azad Hind Fauz. The Central Government has decided to start the Republic Day celebrations from today to include Netaji’s anniversary, known as Parakram Diwas (Day of Valour).

Some of important quotes of Netaji are as under:

*Freedom is not given, it is taken.

*We should have but one desire today- the desire to die so that India may live.

*One individual may die for an idea, but that idea after his death incarnate itself in a thousand lives.

*Remember the eternal law: you must give, if you want to get.

*No real change in history has ever been achieved by discussions only.

On this auspicious day, we can simply hope that better sense will prevail everywhere. Let’s salute the iconic freedom fighter with a pledge to work towards the betterment of our country.

I conclude with शुभ सुख चैन (Good luck Peace), the national anthem used by Azad Hind Fauz.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Dear KK, You’re right. Congrats to Hon’ble Prime Minister Modiji that he started unfolding the true history of our independence in which Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a real hero. Salute to this great Indian for wonderful sacrifice for the freedom of Mother India.

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    1. I appreciate you and your views, Dr Rudra. Netaji was not given the status and respect he deserved. But it’s never too late to correct the history. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections 🙏💐


  2. Let me just say that I have utmost empathy with India’s fight for independence because coming originally from Poland, I know all about being divided by the Germans and the Russians.
    Also, my ancestors died fighting to free Poland.

    I know quite a bit about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Azad Hind Fauz and I watched the video.
    In these circumstances, it would be more prudent to say nothing, except to wish you,
    Happy Republic Day!


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    1. Thank you, Joanna for your kind wishes. Great to know that your ancestors were freedom fighters. Struggle for freedom has its own fascinating stories that I personally love to read. I have added another video of the same anthem with English subtitles.


  3. Exactly sir…People who ruled on us developed the system (education, administration, revenue etc) which used to give them max benefits and was least concerned about indian mass…today what children and youth study on the name of history is completely distorted & dismantled content which portray the image of indians as losers orr un-achievers…But i am glad that now conditions are changing a lot.
    Thanks for sharing a great post about NetaJi

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    1. I absolutely agree with you, Chandan, but what I still feel is that our own people facilitated outsiders to rule and ruin us. We have to mend our ways. Thank you for liking and leaving a beautiful comment!!


  4. Kaushal ji, Very well composed, for better understanding the challenges. You have selected every word appropriately. Liked especially ‘hope that better sense will prevail everywhere’. Good people exist everywhere’, administration must encourage and support such people to make our country a best place to live, also for future generations.

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    1. Well said, VM. You’re right that good people also exist everywhere. In fact, I strongly believe that only due to those people, this country or world is running smoothly. But yes, the tribe of such people needs to increase to make this earth more livable. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!!


  5. I can feel and understand your sentiments regarding the elite leaders we have and how much mad people are at them.

    The favourite quote of mine from the list you have shared is—

    “One individual may die for an idea, but that idea after his death incarnate itself in a thousand lives.”

    Another quote I can relate with Netaji says “Organised efforts give better results”. And if this organisation is to free your motherland, that’s the most respectable work. (different from coups of military dictators)

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    1. You’re very right, Ashish. Netaji didn’t get the place in Indian polity he deserved. But better late than never. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections!!

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    1. You’re right. I understand and respect your feelings. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. By the way I couldn’t access your site.


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