मासूमियत / Innocence

जाने तुम कहां हो
पर शीतल हवा का झोंका
आता है जब भी
एहसास दिला जाता है
तुम्हारी मौजूदगी का
मेरे अंदर और आस पास
मैं भागता हूं उसके पीछे
कि एक दूसरा झोंका
आ जाता है पीछे से
खिलखिलाते हुए
मेरी मासूमियत पर…


I don’t know
where you are
but whenever comes
a gust of the cold wind
it makes your presence felt
inside and around me
I run after it
but another gust comes
in between from behind
laughing at my innocence…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Beautiful sentimental and innocent Kaushal… a nostalgia that blows in and you chase after it…The ending for me was very bitter-sweet, but perfect.. Ahh nostalgia lives within you..even if logic and rationality try to blow it away..I am the same by the way:) I loved this!🤗❤️🌹🦋

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    1. Thank you, Karima for your beautiful comment. Great to know that you could relate. Nostalgia always remains, particularly for those who are governed by emotions and heart. I’m not an exception 😊💐💖🙏

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You have said it very well, Cheryl. This life is full of pain and pleasure and that make the life spicy one. Thank you so much for sharing your reflections 😊💖

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