The Best of Both Worlds

New dreams, hope, and aspirations
continue to sparkle
to reach my destination
like a mirage…

Iridescent imaginations propel me
up above in the infinite sky
to seek my own height
and the haunting beauty
of the moonlight
but fall apart the next moment
touching the ground
looking with fear and suspicion
in confusion and desperation
and the ground bounces me back
to rise again like a rubber ball
to keep exploring the possibilities
and I find myself hanging
somewhere in between
that is not the abode I aspire for…

I come back from the illusion
to face the reality as it is
to create myself as and where I am
I find myself in the eminence
of my reclined chair in my lawn
in the lap of my mother earth
with the gentle breezes
brushing my face and body softly
in the quietude of chirping of birds
enjoying the warmth of the sun...

I’m on the earth
the realm of reality
with freedom to enjoy
the luxury of imagination
that makes me realise that
I’ll have the best of both worlds
here, and nowhere else…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. This Song To The Earth, Kaushal, your Ode To Nature, is beautiful beyond the words!
    You included in your poem everything we love and rever: the birds singing, the gentle breeze of the wind of hope, the moonlight, and the wonder of feeling alive and here…

    Thank you for illuminating what we often take for granted!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right, Joanna, the most precious things are made available by the nature free of cost, but people like to be encaged in AC rooms. Thank you, Joanna for your ever encouraging comment!


    1. Thank you, Reena for your words of appreciation. If you have power of imagination, you have everything. It’s more important than knowledge. 😊💐💖


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