We got used to write ’21
that habit has not gone yet,
but ’22 has slithered in
amid wishes and resolutions
being shared and committed…

Another has its own time to start
without waiting for one
to reach a logical conclusion
as the stark reality
defies any logic…

Life moves on
with the same or altered
known or unknown
anxieties, troubles and problems showing white streaks of allurements
here and there to make it perfect
but the life defies perfection…

The time machine of change
keeps rotating wheels of fortune

nothing lasts or moves long
in unison,
one celebrates for any reason
and the other remains
in the quest of bread and butter
with beseeching eyes,
the dichotomy of human instincts
defy both logic and perfection…

But defiance is the way of life
it justifies our very existence
defiance of death is life
going with flow takes you away unrecognised and unsung
standing firm in skillful defiance
of status quo
may yield happiness and laughter
imagination and creativity
to follow your purpose
for a meaningful life…

–Kaushal Kishore

all images sent by my friend, Palis


    1. Thank you, Lokesh. Some other examples are seeking happiness in defiance of sadness or smiling in defiance of crying. What I mean is skillful defiance.

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  1. You are right, Kaushal, defiance is necessary to survive in life, especially in the time of the pandemic, and civil unrest in many countries.

    Thank you for your thought-provoking topic!


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  2. I see in your poetry a seed germinating into a meaningful life . Life is what ? A perception . All anomalies of life were present in the Lord Rama’s life . But He took the life as a warrior , so that posterity could follow the suit . Had He perceived his life as a looser of His parents , His brothers , His wife , His subjects , the world wouldn’t have not taken Him so seriously. So , how do perceive your life , that matters the most . Thanks !


  3. I see I never commented on this one:) Maybe, I was not sure how to..First I see the poet who extends his thoughts to many verses, using perfect imagery…Now this last line, while you are winding down your thoughts, “defiance of death is life
    going with flow takes you away unrecognized and unsung.”
    For me..that is OK..I do go with the flow..I surrender, but not in defeat but in acceptance. For me totally surrendering to what life brings, is an incredible power (not weakness) takes away fear among other things and well, if it leaves me “unsung and unknown” so be it…. I love how your poetry, your thoughts always make me go deep and question myself.. I hope we can agree to disagree on this beautifully written Kaushal 🙂

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    1. I think I couldn’t make my point as clear as you normally do. I do agree what you say, but contexts are different at times, while writing poems. I also follow the adage “go with flow”, but sometimes, it becomes necessary to defy. You have to beat a drum to generate music. But opinions may always differ. I accept it gracefully. Thank you for such a thoughtful response 😊💐


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