अब नहीं / No Longer

अब भी कम नहीं हैं
सच बोलने वाले,
बस उन्हें सुनने वाले,
अब नहीं रहें…
अच्छे लोग अब भी हैं
इस दुनिया में,
उन्हें अच्छा समझने वाले
अब नहीं रहें…


Those who tell the truth
are still not less,
just those who listen to them
are no longer there…
Good people are still there
in this world,
but those who consider them good
are no longer there…

Kaushal Kishore


    1. That’s your nobility, Joanna. Thank you. Third wave bomb has now exploded in India too. Number is increasing every day by 30 to 40%. I don’t know what has happened to this world.


  1. नासमझ, नादान , नही जानते
    अच्छाई की ताकत को नही मानते
    चंद अच्छे लोगो ने ही दुनिया संभाली है
    कर नेकी उन्होंने दरिया में डाली है

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    1. बहुत सही 👌👌💐💖
      अब दो पंक्तियां मेरी–
      ना जाने समझे वो यह उनकी फितरत है
      पढ़े लिखे नादान भी तो एक हकीकत है

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  2. This is as Suzette said, I believe, very thought-provoking. Do you think part of this phenomenon is because there are so many sources of information today and so many of them are very divisive in their nature. I got off of Facebook because I saw so many people getting angry at one another from our church. It really bothered me. I am honest to a fault, I have been told by Directors when I was working. There is a lot of truth to this well written piece my friend. The world is a divisive place to live and it gets worse all the time. I have learned not to talk politics with too many people for that same reason. Every one has a right to their opinion, choosing the sources they trust, etc. Really appreciate your poem as it does make one ponder on the subject. Thank you and hope you and your loved ones have an amazing weekend. Hugs 🤗 Joni

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  3. I’m really glad to receive such a wonderful comment from you, Joni. I agree toxicity is there on certain social media, particularly when one talks of politics. That’s why I very sparingly write on politics. Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. Have a great weekend. 🎉💐💖


  4. wow – this is super interesting, Kaushal. I have to think about it –

    one question that comes to me is whether those who listen to the “good” people aren’t, by default, “good” themselves… if there are less of them, aren’t there less “good” people too?


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    1. Thank you, David. What I mean to say is that those who listen to good people are less in number, because they themselves are good. Yes, there is a dearth of good people.💖

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