एक गली के कुत्ते की व्यथा / A Street Dog’s Agony

एक अच्छे नस्ल के अपने भाई को
वातानुकूलित लग्ज़री कार में
लाड़ और प्यार मिलते देख
गली कूचे का एक कुत्ता
विलाप कर रहा था…

“हे प्रभु,
कुत्ता भी बनाया
तो आवारा, गली का?
काश मुझे आपने दिया होता
कुछ हुनर, तरकीब या सुझाव
या फिर कुछ बेहतर जीन्स का सेट
तो मेरा जीवन भी धन्य धन्य हो जाता…”

🐶 🐕🐶 🐕🐶 🐕🐶 🐕🐶

Seeing his brother
of a superior breed
getting pampered in an
air-conditioned luxury car,
a street dog was lamenting…

“Oh my Lord, it’s okay,
you made me a dog,
but why a stray dog?
Had you given
a better set of genes,
or some skills, tricks or tips
my life would have been blessed too…”

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Such a moving post, Kaushal, the first thing in the morning! I have saved a pregnant she-dog who followed me home, and I have an affinity with stray dogs in many countries and their misery.


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    1. So nice of you, Joanna! I appreciate your kindness. During morning walk, I come across an aged rag picker, who feeds biscuits to stray dogs who flock together in anticipation.


    1. This is imagination, my friend. If I write agony of a flower, it doesn’t mean a flower has the same reflections. But yes, you must google, and share if you find something interesting.

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    1. Yes, dog is also praying. A dog easily imitates your steps, if you try. I agree with your views. There are no two opinions. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts 😊

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