Witty Statements

This Sunday, I share another set of humour and wits collected by me from different sources. Here are 22 such statements to make you smile. Just enjoy…

1. Weak in English?…come to us, we’ll improve your weakness.

2. A math book looks sad… it has so many problems.

3. He left his job because of illness and fatigue…his boss became sick and tired of him.

4. His credit is very bad, he can’t even  borrow trouble.

5. He kept learning more and more  about less and less, now he knows  everything about nothing.

6. What he lacks in intelligence, he  makes up in stupidity.

7. It is not that he does not have presence of mind… his trouble is 
absence of thought.

8. He may talk like a fool and act like a  fool, but don’t get the wrong idea  about him…that he is a fool.

9. His photographs do him injustice…  they look like him.

10. He is as phoney as a dentist’s smile.

11. He was a premature baby…he was  born before his parents were married.

12. He started out in life as an unwanted child…now he is wanted in ten states.

13. He is jack of all trades… and out of  work in all of them.

14. He is so boring…he can’t even  entertain a doubt.

15. He gave a very moving performance…everyone moved to the nearest exit.

16. The teacher wears sunglasses… her students are so bright.

17. She has a keen sense of rumour.

18. She dresses to kill… and cooks the  same way.

19. Her voice is good…but silence is golden.

20. She thought she was getting a model husband… too bad he is not a  working model.

21. They are in Iron and Steel Industry…she irons the clothes and he steals.

22. Teddy bears never get hungry… they’re always stuffed.

Keep smiling 🤣🥲😄😄🥲🤣

–Kaushal Kishore

image: gratisography/pexels


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