An economics professor in the first test averaged the grades and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset, while those who studied less were happy.

The students who studied little started studying even less, and ones who studied hard wanted a free ride too, and so they studied little. The second test average was a D. Nobody was happy, but the trend continued. When the third test rolled around, the average was an F. And finally all failed.

This small story is just a reminder for those politicians who are promising and winning elections in India by distributing freebies like free water, free electricity, free ration, cash benefits to people at the cost of exchequer.

And how are they getting money to be so benevolent? No government can give anything to anybody without taking first from somebody else.

Taxation on fuels and other commodities, disinvestment and selling government bonds are normal sources of revenue. One of them is Income Tax, but the percentage of income tax payers is just 2.5% and even among them, less than 4% pay 60% of the total income tax.

The fact remains that you can’t legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it. You have to make the poor capable and independent, and not at the mercy of government..

Just imagine a situation when the prosperous people too get an idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to derive the benefit of their hard labour.

There is plent to discuss and write about it, but I’ll conclude with a statement once made by our former Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee,
“Don’t give anything free to the public. Only education, justice and treatment should be given free. Freebies make people lazy and country weak.”

But unfortunately his own partymen are not following it to remain relevant and politically correct.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Profound, sir! Loved the example of the classroom.
    Giving freebies is blatant bribery and corruption. My very first post on WordPress was regarding this topic as well.

    “You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it”- this is extremely well put! Considering our low percentage of tax payers, it is necessary that our money is spent only on what is absolutely necessary.
    Freebie culture is outrageously popular in TN! It infuriates me. Every election, they conduct freebie camps and give out free TVs, bicycles, etc.. to a target disadvantaged group, who are immediately coaxed into voting for the party 🤮 ALL parties do this!

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    1. I fully resonate with you, Sahana. This freebie business is nothing but vote bank politics. But you know I was expecting that during lockdown, the governments should distribute smartphones to every student of government run schools to carry out their online classes, as I knew that more than 35% students were not attending online classes. But it never happened. Unfortunately there was no election. General promotion was given, but their base further weakened. This is the irony. Thank you, Sahana for sharing your considered opinion.

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  2. We both know which party started the trend. Not saying their purpose was wrong/right or anything but we all know that to which extent political parties can go for votes. I too think that only education, food & healthcare should be given free.
    The majority of people become blind when they hear “FREE”

    They don’t know how it works. For ex: Parties may use poor quality material for building roads & bridges in order to save that free money & will cut traveling costs for buses etc… People will think that we’re getting free bus tickets, electricity, etc but truth is that all that is free was generated by gambling their lives by constructing a poor quality bridge.

    Gov. in any way will extract that money from commoners.
    “However, I find Delhi model much better compare to any other”

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    1. There are so many ways apart from building inferior quality roads and bridges. One is inflated price of medicines, whose MRP is 10 to 20 times the actual price. Even after 75 years of independence, if the poor remains deprived of proper Medicare, it speaks much of our leadership.

      I think the discussions on who started freebie culture or whose model is better are futile, as all of them have let us down. Is hamam me sabhi nange hain. They have not done what they are supposed to do. Thank you Tanishq for reading and sharing your valuable thoughts!!

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    1. All are alike. Why should we name one and leave others? I have already said, इस हमाम में सभी नंगे हैं। All are looking at different aspects and exploit people on the basis of caste, creed, religion etc. Thank you for your comment!

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  3. I am not sure whether as an outsider I should comment on this subject but reading your wise and eloquent post, and taking a wider view, I agree with every word you have written.
    Education and healthcare should be free in every country.

    Thank you, Kaushal, for writing about such an important issue. As I once said before, I wish that you were running your country!!


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    1. Thank you for concurring with me, Joanna and also for your kind wish. I had this wishful thinking during my college days, but destiny holds upper hand. You know why I had to take up an early employment, but I don’t regret. I served the country in my own humble way. I know there are far better people who can and are manning the important positions across the country.

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      1. I’m humbled! Thank you very much, Joanna for such big words for me. It’s your kindness and affection. Much appreciated!


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