I had once thought of renunciation
to leave the family and world
and take off the burden
of relative responsibilities,
stay in samadhi
concentration and meditation
seek peace within myself
and attain wisdom
spirituality and salvation…

Then what?
what if I walk on water
or fly in the air?
Just for the self, my only self?
Disregarding everything,
making family, society, world
irrelevant and meaningless,
is it for what I’m born?

I can curb my desires
I know how to suppress feelings
I can also give up a lot of things
but how can I accept
running away from responsibilities,
my family, society and nation
I love my loved ones and so do they
how can I snap their hopes
and aspirations?

I can’t live for myself alone
I’ll do whatever little contribution
I can make for them
as I owe them a lot
for my strength and existence
I’ll prefer to go on
performing my duties
as diligently as possible
to become a responsible son,
father, husband, friend, citizen
and above all a better human being…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay


    1. No further questions or thoughts, Narayan ji. I’m happy with my life and world with friends like you. Thanks a lot for your kind wishes 😊🤗


    1. I endorse every word of yours, Joanna. Thank you for your appreciation. It means a lot.
      But today I missed your weekly post. What happened, Joanna? I so eagerly wait for the whole week. I got disappointed today.


      1. Goodness, Kaushal, you do know how to make me smile! I will write a good post next week because on Monday I have a very important court hearing in a civil case, and I am preparing myself by reading and writing papers.
        Thank you!


        Liked by 1 person

  1. That’s why sanyasi renounce the worldly life early , but the world has to move on
    Everybody has a role to enact and responsibility towards this majestic creation of Lord,

    Liked by 2 people

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