My Lovely Village

Years later
I had gone to my village,
my sweet village
my feet could easily feel
the familiar innocence
of those lanes and bylanes
taking me to my little home
that even in its deserted state
looked so homely
I found the same self again…

My marigold and chrysanthemum

plants grumbled
with their withering flowers
why I had not caressed them
for so long,
mango blackberry and guava trees
sprang to life
when I hugged them once again,
I could easily see
some tear drops bubbling
in the water of that little pond…

I also met my farmer brethren
amidst the lush green fields
in their verdant abundance
and I started taking a trip
down memory lane
I was back in my teens*
tears trickled down my cheeks
that got accompanied
by droplets of the drizzling rain
leaving a pleasant, dewy petrichor…

*PS– a teen means Kishore in Hindi

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Dear Kaushal, thank you for your beautiful description of the typical Indian village, and the meaning of your surname; now I know one more word in Hindi!
    Your vivid words about the scent in the air after the rain brought it the memory of one of my favorite scents, which also include freshly cut grass.
    One day one of the great Indian writers will write a whole book about the beauty and importance of the Indian villages.


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    1. Thanks a lot, Joanna for such a beautiful response. It’s my pleasure to share whatever little I have with me. Your choice is similar to mine as regards scent. And yes, I would eagerly wait for the book you have referred to. Thanks again!!


  2. It is bittersweet to revist the familiar places of our past. We wonder what our lives might have been if we had not moved away. I do not regret the many places I have lived in and visited, but I do cherish all the memories. Thank you for sharing this lovely post, KK. Beautiful, serene photos!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. A different kind of sentiment is attached with rural life with clean air, simplicity and rather innocent people. Thank you, Cheryl for your kind words and beautiful reflections 😊💖💖

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