Keep Going

I’m no longer
the same person
I used to be once
or I had thought of myself
but feelings remain the same
though actions may belie at times…

Even now,
I go to terrace
sit for hours there
hoping against hope
that the same sweet memories
may be peeping from somewhere
but I can’t see or feel the way I used to…

That flower-laden corner is still there
in Hanging Garden with same appeal
engaged in creating memories
with same tender feelings
that were created once
for me as well..

While sitting on the Marine Drive promenade
I still listen to the sussuration
of waves
that are ever-ready to harmonise
my rhythm and tune
but now difficult
to make out anything
without a corresponding tune…

Forgetfulness may be an art, not for me
I can’t forget that rooftop coping,
Hanging Garden or Marine Drive,
there may be something amiss
that has always been there
but it creates wishes
necessary for life
to move forward
to keep going…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Dear Kaushal, I find that the older I become, memories keep bursting into my conscious mind. It’s not like a dream where some things are inexplicable, but the memory was a real experience, it actually happened. We are an accumulation of all our experiences. 🙋‍♂️

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    1. Well said, Ashley! I fully resonate with you. Experience is therefore believed to be more enriching than knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful reflections 👌💐🙏

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