गुस्सा / Anger

सालों बाद
किताब खोलते ही
वह मुरझाया हुआ फूल
गुस्से से फूट पड़ा मुझ पर,
“अपनी यादें
जिंदा रखने के लिए
मेरी जान क्यों ले ली तुम ने?”

🌹 📖🌹 📖🌹 📖🌹

Years later,
I as soon as
opened the book,
that withered flower
burst into anger at me,
“Why did you take my life
to keep your memories alive?”

–Kaushal Kishore

image: Nora Z/Pexels



    1. Your flowers are more sensible, Joanna. They understand your perspectives. My flowers are naughty. Thank you, I liked your comment.


  1. Oh boy..that tricky problematic question of cutting flowers. taking a life as a gift, or in this case, a nostalgic book mark. I have felt the wrath of flowers but also their acceptance…. Still I do ponder that every time I buy a bouquet. Great thought once again Kaushal🌹

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    1. I used to keep beautiful flowers in my books. I made it a hobby, as I used to collect various types of flowers and leaves for making herbarium for botany practicals. Today I was recollecting those days. Hence these lines. Thank you, Karima for sharing your beautiful reflections 💐💐

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  2. फूल को कहिए न हो इस कदर नाराज़
    क्या हुआ जो आपका कल न रहा आज
    ये तो वक्त का तकाजा है
    हम तो नाचीज़, और वक़्त राजा है

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    1. अति सुंदर 👌👌😊🤗
      फूल को कह दूंगा कि बात वह मान ले
      वक्त के साथ मेरी मजबूरी तो जान ले..

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