Destiny Of A Book

I don’t know why people buy a book
If they don’t have time
or will to read it…

Some of them buy a book
to carry in hands while travelling
just to show their intellect,
will read a few pages, 
and dump it on return at random
in a corner of the house
or in the company of other books
aesthetically decorated in a shelf
that will keep gathering
deep layers of dust,
and with the passage of time,
the termites gradually take over
for an indecent, porous burial…

There are those who buy a book,
underline a few lines of their liking
pricking its chest with pen
read those lines again,
or may even tear apart mercilessly
that important page itself
for future reference…

There are those who buy a book,
under compulsion to read it,
they read reluctantly a few pages,
keep it anywhere they like
on table, sofa or bed
or even under pillows
deforming it completely…

But there are those who buy a book

like a precious gem,
read softly and diligently
each and every page,
the way it has been written
giving due respect to the author
and his or her wisdom,
read it again and again
with tender touch…

It’s not just a book,
look around carefully,
the same treatment is meted out
to humans too…

–Kaushal Kishore

last 3 images: pixabay


  1. Since I began using e-books I seldom use analogue books. And, yes, there are books in my library I haven’t read, others are reference books I sometimes consult and there are old favourites to which I return. Just lately – during covid times my mind has been to scattered to read anything properly. Gulping down information, speedily read from my computer screen as I research and write.

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    1. I agree with you, Andrew, e-books are more convenient, but even in this digital era, I find many people like to read books with passion and keep them like treasures. Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful reflections 😊💐


  2. What I read and experience from reading books has cost the author great energy and resource. We should at least respect their efforts. Good books, those to my liking, I see as friends and find it very traumatic if I have to reduce the books on my shelves. However, giving them for others to read helps me recover. 🙋‍♂️

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    1. I appreciate you and your positive outlook, Ashley. Books are friends, so true, and so are the authors. Thank you for reading and sharing your beautiful thoughts 🙏💐

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    1. Yes, Joanna, that will be a beautiful sight. Ten thousand books placed in a systematic and decorative way must be giving a pleasant look. Thank you.


  3. I love what you’ve written especially ‘pricking it’s chest with pain’ A book is more than a book.
    I have this thing about books. I buy. I read and then give it to someone who I know would like it. And ask them to give it to the next person and so on. Somehow…it connects people and stories and now and before and after 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sangeetha for your appreciation that means a lot. But I really loved your idea of exchanging books that ensures optimum use of books. I may also follow this. Thanks again 😊💐


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