He is a Labourer…

Sweating profusely
be it the hot sun
or the shivering cold,
oblivious of corona
or any disease
he doesn’t get tired of
carrying all kinds of burdens
on his shoulders… 

He is everywhere,
but remains faceless
in the agricultural field,
produce is not his
on a construction site
no house is his
he owns nothing,
he gets a few coins
in return of his labour
to manage his family,
without expecting anything
from government or agency…

But he also gets tired
he also thinks
he has also feelings, dreams
he also wants to enjoy
but can’t express…

He never says no
all days are alike
his face and belly
get scorched
but his bulging veins
should never get tired
as he knows
what is his destination
he enjoys whatever little
he has or earns
by dint of his labour,
his only capital…

He is chided always
he remains voiceless
but as a son of the country
he has a vote in democracy
he becomes important
on the days of polling
but alas,
he can’t have polling
every day…

He is a labourer
he has to labour
it sweetens his life and bread…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay


  1. Your social consciousness, Kaushal, came here to the fore in this moving poem. As always,
    I would say education is the key to changing people’s destinies. I know that this is not possible to
    thousands/ millions of people in India.

    In Vedic India, Maitreyi had educational opportunities that made her today considered a symbol of Indian intellectual women, and an institution is named in her honour in New Delhi.
    Vedic India? What went wrong now, Kaushal?

    Thank you!


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    1. I have seen the lives of these labourers very closely, and that’s why I write about them so often. A child is considered as additional two hands. Imagine a village where there is no primary school, and a family is worried about at least one square meal a day. Things are definitely changing, awareness is also increasing. Some of them are coming forward.
      What went wrong after Vedic era, i.e. 8th century BCE? Answer is invaders like Moghuls and Britishers. India was called Golden bird. But they destroyed its heritage, its culture, they robbed its properties, played with its soil and soul. It cannot be summarised in a few lines. You will have to go into history from authentic sources in detail. History has also been distorted by vested interests. Thank you!


      1. I agree, but I am well versed in history, and yes, it can be distorted. I think the Indian cultural heritage is strong as it is 10 thousand years old; just look how Diwali was celebrated, and now
        the other festival from the 8 of November to the 11 November, is observed by almost everyone.
        India is going to be prosperous and thriving, I have no doubt, but it takes time.


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      2. Thank you for your good wishes, Joanna. The festival you’re talking about is mainly celebrated by people of Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern UP and some southern parts of Nepal.


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