बिके सपने / Dreams Sold

नींद टूटी
आंखें खुली
तो महसूस हुआ
सपने भी बिकते है…

💤 😴 💤😴💤

Sleep broken up
eyes opened wide
then I realised that
dreams are also sold…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pixabay


  1. A poignant observation, Kaushal. We are often sold dreams by politicians or crooked investors. and even people we love.
    Personally, I avoid the pitfalls by believing in my mantra: “If something looks too good to be true,
    it obviously isn’t.”


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    1. Your mantra is perfect. There is no free lunch. But there are circumstances, where people become gullible. Online frauds are glaring examples. Thank you, Joanna for your thoughtful reflections!!


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