फूलों की व्यथा / Agony of Flowers

मेरी बगिया के फूल अब
कुम्हलाने से लगे हैं,
बहुत दिन हो गए
तुमने उन्हें सहलाया नहीं,
कहीं मात्र एक कहानी
बनकर न रह जाएं …

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

The flowers
in my garden
are wilting now,
it’s been a long time
you didn’t caress them,
lest they become a story…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay


  1. Here today then wilted tomorrow…this is the story of flowers and I have contemplated them as a great sped-up metaphor for life…our lives. I see your sensitivity showing Kaushal..in this beautiful thought about them..The closer we get to them…the more it hurts to watch them die and let them go…❤️🌹

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    1. Such a moving comment from you, Karima! It’s really touching to visualise how a flower blooms in its prime and then fades away with time. But you’re right, that’s the truth, that’s the life. Thank you 💐🌹💖

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    1. A beautiful comment, Cheryl. I like your positivity. At times, plants or flowers fade due to lack of water. If it’s given, the same bloom again. Thank you 😊💖

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  2. जीवन ओर मृत्यु के चक्र में बंधे जीव सारे
    अलग अलग जीवनकाल सबका ,तो जिओ सब पल प्यारे
    बहुत सुंदर कविता 💕❣️💕😊👌👌👌

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    1. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद। बिल्कुल सही।
      शरीर नश्वर है, आत्मा अमर है
      जिसने यह समझा, वही सिकंदर है।😊💐💐💖

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  3. A poignant gem of philosophy here, Kaushal, but cutting the wilting flowers will encourage
    the new buds to open, perhaps even more than caressing would do,
    It could be a view of life, as we all need the warmth of love to flourish.


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    1. Absolutely right, Joanna. I agree, cutting and pruning are required at times. That’s the way of life. Thank you for such a thoughtful response. Much appreciated.


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