Agony Of A Monument’s Brick

As a brick of the wall of a historic monument,
I feel the pain
when you come to appreciate the beauty,
but scribble your love song
or message with a pen
or engrave your love with a sharp tool
damaging my beauty, elegance and splendour…

You adorn your love by defacing me
with your love graffiti
that you see and enjoy for a few moments,
have no meanings for others,
but I carry the pain throughout,
leaving the scars that I’m ashamed to show…

If you know what love is
you won’t harm one for the sake of yours,
you’ll have to take love from one that has it,
you do express your feelings
both in words and deeds to your beloved,
write love songs on each other’s hearts,
but not on mine please,
it really hurts,
my fellow bricks know how traumatic it is,
it’s not love song, my dearie,
it’s an epitaph for me...

–Kaushal Kishore

images: google


  1. I have a great sympathy with your historical monument and its plea!
    They should be protected, and anyone defacing the walls should be punished.
    Thank you, Kaushal for giving the voice to the monument!


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    1. Law is already there to punish the violators with fine and imprisonment. The fellow visitors should stop them while doing it and hand them over to police. This sort of awareness is lacking. Thank you, Joanna for expressing your concern.


    1. As I said to Joanna, law is there. What is needed is the consciousness of the fellow visitors, who can stop the miscreants then and there. Thank you, Ashley for your concerns.

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  2. Beautifully expressed, KKI I so agree with the sentiments! These are very heedless people who deface works of art and historical monuments.

    The Washington Monument, a very tall obelisk in Washington, DC, was undergoing restoration some years back. Not visible before, intriguing graffiti left by the original workmen were discovered. One I remember well was a drawing of the face of a cartoon character popular in that era! 🙂

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    1. The feedback regarding Washington Monument is an eye opener. The spirit of vandalism is worldwide, I think. I had heard one such fellow that he would advise his friends to visit and enjoy his graffiti when they would come to see that place. This is mental bankruptcy. Thank you so much, Cheryl for this value addition from your side.🙂

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