Peaceful Coexistence

stand high and proud
on the land fertile enough
to feed thousands of mouths,
depriving the poor and downtrodden
of their rightful share
of sunlight and fresh air,
dwarfing them and their shanties…

Forgetting their very base,
these high-rise, imposing edifices
stare at sky
to lend towering image
to their residents,
who feel elevated,
in a class of their own…

It’s the dirty water
that flows down constantly,
making the filthy people
of dirty hutments dirtier,
but the same people come upstairs
to make the elegant flats clean
and inhabitable…
water finds its own level,
and so the people
for a peaceful coexistence…

–Kaushal Kishore
images:rck &indiatv


  1. Peaceful? Until the next revolution! And what about the climate activists? We cannot keep on building! India is not so bad, the worse is China, but the global movement is in the right direction
    – to protect the Earth.

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  2. You are more than welcome. And I am not mad, Kaushal. We need green spaces and forests, not
    more huge buildings, like in China were they are building non – stop, and they don’t care what the rest of the world think of them. I know because I saw an interview on BBC news.


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    1. I know, Joanna. If you say something, it has some solid grounds. You are a well read person, and you make your opinions accordingly. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!


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