मध्यांतर / Intermission

नींद क्या टूटी
मेरा सपना भी टूट गया
एक सुखद मोड़ पर,
मुझे लगा खत्म हुआ सपना
तभी मेरे दिल ने फुसफुसाया
अभी सिर्फ मध्यांतर है हुआ


My sleep was broken
dream was also broken
when it had taken a happy turn,
the dream was over, I thought
but my heart whispered
it was only an intermission…

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. I also think so, Joanna, but it rarely happens. The thing is that a dream is broken, because sleep is broken. So broken sleep is culprit, otherwise dream will continue. Thank you!


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