The Nests

image: pexels

When I walk through streets
I take a peek at the houses
I find a quiet serenity,
no sound, no noise of children

in most of them,
I find old people
staring aimlessly outside
from their windows
of their deserted houses
waiting for their children
who are now settled
in big cities or abroad…

They must be feeling proud about
their children’s intellect and package
their lavish lifestyle,
what if they don’t come home
even for the rituals
their children are happy at least
and so are they
still living in their own nests
sans children…

Villages may be getting deserted
and so are their nests
they had made for their newborns
like birds,
and birds take care of hatchlings
till they learn how to fly and hunt
to enable them
to live their own lives
to make their own nests…

Nothing more, nothing less…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. The empty nest feeling. Yet so gratifying to be able to let go so the hatchlings can grow up and fly on their own and the eaglets soar unaided; and the cycle repeats itself. Hopefully, they return home occasionally to check on Mom and Pop.

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  2. Dear Kaushal, I would like to add my tale, and hope that it isn’t too long. Across from my house lived an old lady whom I have never met. One day she sent me a note saying that as she is 90 years old her friends all died and she sits by the window watching the street’s goings on. She noticed that there are many birds flying above my house, and asked if she could come every day
    to talk over cup of tea for one hour. I was happy to oblige, and during our conversations she told me that her only son emigrated to Australia, where he lived with his wife and 4 sons. One day she had received the terrible news that her son died. Not long after, his widow arrived, sold the house and put old lady in a care home, where she died within 5 weeks.
    The birds in my large garden are tribal, and don’t mix. They live happily in different parts of the large garden . Could we learn something from the birds in our time of globalisation?
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!


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    1. So sorry to know about that old lady. I can empathise with her. This is stark reality we come across every now and then.
      It was so nice of you that you spared time for her. This reminds me of Timebank concept of Switzerland as a part of retirement plan.
      Thank you, Joanna, for sharing this real life experience, without which I think my post wouldn’t have been completed. Thanks again!!

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  3. Wow… I love the analogy between the old people and the birds.
    Such a deep and touching narrative. I felt it. It must be so sad for our parents and yet there’s nothing they can do about it, except convince themselves to be happy for us. In my country, because of the hardships in today’s world, most girls lately take their children to live with their grandparents, as they concentrate on looking for money in the big cities or abroad. That way, the old folks get to experience the joy of having children around whom they can nurture and be happy looking after.

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    1. That’s a good idea in the given situation. Grands not only take care of kids, but also give emotional support that is utterly lacking in most of nuclear families. Thank you, Jermena for appreciating the post and sharing your beautiful reflections 😊💐

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