1. Wonderful lines. You are right.
    Well wishers were there for me too.
    But some of them are far away.
    Some have left this world.
    Some are not able to join for a fun time even. Those days are gone.
    This I am writing according to my experience. Post retirement (31/12/2018), this is the scenario.
    A very few friends are still there. But as I said, most of them are not coming out of home 😊
    This virtual world of internet has become a great friend.🤠🙏

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    1. With second dose of vaccine and corona cases coming down, people have started going out. It’s necessary too. Virtual world cannot replace the physical one completely. But gradually we reconcile with the new situation. Thank you, Arun ji for visiting and sharing your thoughts 😊💐

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      1. Yeah!
        Now, after second dose of vaccine, people are moving out. Tourism has opened their destination. That is needed now.
        Enough is enough for corona. Let’s enjoy our time now with family and friends.
        Take care.
        Best regards 🙏

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    1. वक्त और हालात बतला देते हैं कि कौन अपना है कौन पराया। Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts 😊💐

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  2. There are alot of people who ask your resume, but not appoint you, there are alot of people who will wish you but not showing you, there are alot of people who showing there support, but no supporting you.

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