I always try
to bridge the gap
between I and U,
but I find it more difficult
to cover the distance
between I and I..

One I thinks of one thing,
but the other I
does something else,
one I expresses one thing,
the other I implies
something else..

Both eyes and ears
are also two each,
they can’t see each other,
but they synchronise
what they see and hear…

But one I becomes the two,
perception is one
reactions are two
defining this I and that I,
I have yet to discern
who the real I is…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Hi, you’re right it often happens to me too. If you can win the battle with your ego, you have conquered freedom, it is a long and demanding job but it has as a reward serenity and peace with yourself and what surrounds you. Stay well.

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    1. Very well said. I concur with you. Winning the battle with ego is difficult, but rewarding. Thanks a lot for taking time to read and share your beautiful thoughts.

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  2. Dear Kaushal, what a treat for me first thing in the morning! The beautiful bird, and your philosophy on its best, poem!
    There is a saying: “You have two ears and one mouth, so listen more, and say less”.


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    1. You are right, Joanna, listening is more important than speaking in any conversation. That’s why mouth has been burdened with the job of eating and drinking too. Thank you for your appreciation that truly means a lot to me.


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