The Other Side of Story

One day a worker, named Raju absented himself from his work without informing his employer, Swami, who thought that Raju’s salary was less. So Swami increased his salary to motivate Raju, who didn’t say anything and continued his work with the same diligence and devotion.

But after a few days, Raju again disappeared without informing Swami, who got this time very angry and reduced Raju’s salary as a punishment. This time too, Raju remained silent and started his work with the same enthusiasm.

Swami was a bit surprised, as Raju didn’t utter a single word both times, while he had expected that Raju would plead this time to restore his previous salary. He asked Raju what was the reason for his silence.

Raju coolly replied, “When I was absent earlier, my baby was born. When you increased my salary, I thought God had sent a part of the nutrition for that child. The next time the reason for my absence was the death of my mother. When you reduced my salary, I assumed that my mother had taken her share with her.  Why should I complain if God Himself takes care?  I don’t ask for more and He doesn’t give less.”

In this story, neither worker nor employer suffered, though both of them thought differently without telling each other. But in reality, it matters a lot, as happened before my eyes.

During my school days, a classmate came late. The class was being taken by the English teacher, Mr Milton Charan, a strict disciplinarian. He asked him why he was late, but my friend, Kashi had no answer.

I stood up to say something, as I knew that Kashi was overwhelmed with the grief, due to his elder sister’s untimely demise. But Milton sir shouted me down, and gave Kashi a tight slap and asked him to stand outside facing the corner of the wall for the whole period.

At the end of the class, I went back to Milton sir, and explained him the reason for Kashi’s late coming. He immediately realised his mistake and after wiping out his eyes, he came back to class to say sorry to Kashi and consoled him.

Assumption or presumption is okay to some extent in certain cases, but in the real life, it’s always better and advisable to know the other side of story before arriving at a conclusion.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Very touching story , reading time so sad 😒me also schooling days afternoon lunch will take to school 🌷👌
    Morning section finished we will go the the hallway, there can eat, but some friends so poor and they no food
    brought from home !! We also hungry , but I and my 2 friends share our food to them , the girl’s face we can see
    the humbleness , that is our most valuable experience 👍🏻🌷🙏 when my Kerala visit they come and see me😊💕
    Sorry I wrote my story here !! Thank you sharing your lovely story and God Bless 🌷🙏🌷

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    1. You have done a favour to me by sharing your story, which is so relatable. I had also experienced it at times. I appreciate your kindness and understanding in helping needy friends. So nice of you. Thanks a lot 🙏💐🌷

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  2. These are an amazing series of parables/vignettes… really well shown. Oh, I can sadly not ever count the number of times I have assumed wrongly, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. But when I let my heart and instincts/Good Orderly Direction lead the way in my actions, there is little chance for regret. Beautiful writing and sharing, as usual, Kishore 💗

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    1. In maths, you are supposed to assume for coming to a conclusion. Hypothesis is similarly needed to propagate a principle. But in life, it’s a bit different. I’m grateful to you for sharing your own experiences, Lia. Thank you so much 🙏💖

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  3. आप को मेरी लेख अच्छी लगी मैं बहुत ख़ुश हूँ 🙏🌷उन दिनों को याद करते हुए
    अब बहुत प्रसन्नता महसूस करती हूँ , और सच्ची दिल से आप को मुबारक करती हूँ,
    आप धन्य रहें 🌷🙏♥️🌷

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    1. आपने सही कहा, कुछ पुरानी यादें दिल को काफी सुकून देती है। आपको धन्यवाद 🙏💐🥀

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    1. Yes, it was a surprise to see a stone like Milton sir melting on that day. But emotions can move the stone too. Thank you for reading and sharing your valuable feedback.🙏💐

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