अनायास / Inadvertently

ब्लूटूथ इयरफोन से
बात करना अजीब है…
बात करो किसी से
और मुस्कुराओ कहीं और,
सामने वाले को और करते रहो
अनायास ही भ्रमित…


Talking with a bluetooth
earphone is strange…
talk to someone
and smile somewhere else,
and keep the other person
confused, inadvertently…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pexels


    1. At times, I really get confused, when I don’t see the mobile or earphone of a talking person in front of me. But I’m happy for you, Joanna. Thank you so much !


  1. Technology as a whole is illusionary,
    We are deep into it thinking we are getting better life and all the more snuggle into its comfort quilt.
    But is that really happening?
    Sir your post is pointing towards this odd reality👌👌

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  2. That’s the first thing I check for on someone when I see him/her smiling at me. Even before beginning a conversation, I don’t want to end up talking to myself😂

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