सीख / Learning

गिर गिर कर ही हमने
सीखा है चलना,
गिरते तो अब भी हैं
पर सीखते कुछ नहीं,
समझदार हो गए हैं हम…


We’ve learnt to walk
by falling again and again,
we’re still falling
but learning nothing,
we’re wiser now…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: liam bolduc/pexels


  1. Oooo this is so good, my dear KK! I absolutely love this piece, superbly done! I always marvel at how you pack such knowledge and wisdom in a few, simple lines! You are a gifted philosopher, my friend!! Keep up the amazing work, I know you will 🖤🤗

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    1. I’m more than happy to have such a generous comment from you, that I don’t deserve. I simply write whatever comes to my mind.
      But you are so very kind to me, Ace. I’m deeply touched by your inspiring words. Thanks a lot 😊💖

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  2. Great life philosophy
    Deep lines 😊😊😊
    Sir on a lighter note
    हमने तो गिर गिर के डॉक्टर को मरहम पट्टी करना सिखाया ,
    आजकल की पीढ़ी गिरती है तो माँ-बाप ही सीखते है , सब कुछ परोस के देते हैं ,

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    1. Wow! You have given a thought for another post. Today only I was thinking how parents remain busy with project work, and home work of their children. I never bothered my parents, who themselves used to give additional tasks for me.


    1. I believe that a person should always keep his “child” alive within to remain happy and healthy. Thank you for reading and sharing your beautiful reflections 😊💐

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