The Unforgettable Moments

Certain things or events, howsoever small or insignificant, get imprinted in the mind and heart for the whole life, as if these things had happened yesterday. I don’t know why, but most of you must have also experienced it.

Such events are not erased from the memory, while on the other hand, at times, it’s difficult to recollect things that we consider important. 

When I was hardly 6 or 7, I had pushed a little girl younger to me, while playing. She fell down and started crying inconsolably. Instead of saying ‘sorry’ or consoling her, I also started crying. She looked startled for a moment, thought I was making fun of her and stopped crying. But I really felt her pain.

She lived the next door, and was like a family member. Whenever I see somebody crying, her little innocent face comes before my eyes.

The second incident happened when I was in the ninth standard. I had changed my school, but failed in maths in the first quarterly test. My mom looked at my report card, and while signing it, she said, ‘My son, always remember that your dad is no more.’

These words and her expression shook me from within. Thereafter I scored the highest marks in maths only, but that’s a different story altogether. Even now, during the moments of either success or failure, this incident is unfolded in flashback.

The next episode was of the time when my dad was alive. As a child, I used to see the Sawan Mela (seasonal fair) every year with my parents and siblings. On the last day of the fair, a song was being played again and again. At that time, I was not aware what is the meaning of that love song, but I simply used to hum, as I liked its tune.

Yesterday evening, this lilting song was being played on FM channel that carried me back to those days. It happens every time when I listen to this song, though totally unrelated, I invariably go down the memory lane recalling every minute detail of that day of the fair and subsequent days.

That year after a few days, on the day of Janmashtami festival, my dad expired, and we never went to that fair. As per our traditions, we don’t observe or celebrate Janmashtami even now. This may be the reason, I presume.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Sweet memories of childhood glad to read then n your kind heart. Sad to know the other side of your flashback Sir. Of course memories n flashbacks of life are like that mostly. Thanks for sharing them. Let me check the link as well 🥰🙏

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    1. Life has both sad and happy moments. Our efforts should be to take a lesson or two and move on. Thank you, Suma for sharing your thoughtful reflections 😊💐


  2. This is a masterpiece. The storytelling is on a different level and the emotional rollercoaster ride I had while reading through almost felt it was too short. I wanted to go on. With this piece I feel like I know you through your experiences and memories. Thank you for this excellent write up.

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    1. I’m so happy to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful comment from you, Hekima. I like to share experiences in brief, because I have seen in my office also that people don’t like to read longer notes. But thank you for taking your time to read and share your beautiful reflections.

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    1. Sorry, you couldn’t play the video. Joanna, the video is symbolic, as I have written it has nothing to do with the incident. However, the main line of the love song is..”This love of yours and mine is immortal, then why am I scared?” Thank you for your kind feedback!!


  3. Responsible , compassionate , acting ,and strong, and of course a very good writer,🤗🤗🌷🌷
    Memories whenever take us back , we relive the moments ,
    Good or bad
    Happy or sad
    But.we Want to live them again,
    Sir that an emotional piece 😊😊

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  4. Very heart-touching post, KK. I know how both you and your mother must have felt in the conversation about your report. Thank you for sharing your memories. ❤

    My husband died when my thirty-year-old son was twelve. He said to me, "You have to be both mother and father now! I explained to him the impossibility of me taking his father's place, but to this day, he calls me on Fathers Day and tells me "Happy Fathers Day!"

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    1. So sorry to know about your husband’s demise, Cheryl. Your story is quite similar to mine and I can very well relate with your son. I was also around 12, when my dad expired. It’s so nice of your son that he respects you for being the single parent. A big salute to you for your courage and determination. It’s an honour to be associated with a person like you. Thank you so much, Cheryl for sharing your reflections. Greatly appreciated 🙏💐

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  5. KK, I have read your unforgettable memories. Truly, we are to come over a lot of incidents in our lives. Some incidents were wiped out in course of our life – journey, but some still have vivid inside our memory which we can’t forget.

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    1. You are right, Dr Rudra, there are certain things that can’t be erased from the memory. Sometimes some small funny things get entrenched, while important dates or events are completely wiped out. Thank you so much for taking time to read and share your valuable feedback!!


  6. For me, there’s this song that we used to sing with my fellow kids long ago while climbing a termite mound in the neighborhood.
    You can imagine, the mound is no longer in existence, and we shifted from that neighborhood but each time that song randomly crosses my mind, am transformed exactly back to that moment, the rush and excitement goes through my body and my heart beats faster. I could almost smell the dust in the air back there…
    It just feels so real and I catch myself wishing I could go back to that moment even if just for a second. Just so I can re-live it again🙂

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    1. What a coincidence, Jermena! That’s why I believe that there is some superpower, who controls each and every thing. A particular song strikes a special chord. In my case, the content of the song was totally irrelevant for the event, but it has a strong linkage. I’m so happy that you shared your story that is so relatable to me. Thanks again 😊💐

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    1. You’re right, Priti, but we should try to cherish happy memories and forget the sad ones. Thank you for reading and commenting 😊


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