Indian Economy Grows by 20%

India’s economy grew by 20.1% in the June quarter of this fiscal as against the contraction of 24.4% during the same quarter last year.

This is the fastest and best-ever fiscal quarter number since the mid-1990s, up sharply from 1.6% in the previous quarter.

While agriculture and manufacturing sectors continued to contribute to the recovery, the highest rise was seen in construction.

Despite the severe second wave of covid -19 pandemic during the first quarter, the massive growth has made India the fastest-growing major economy across the globe.

But should we go gaga over this growth?

In the last full fiscal 2020-21, India’s GDP had contracted by 7.3%. The impact has not yet been wiped out completely.

The comparison between this year’s GDP and last year is being done on a low base, as the first quarter of the last fiscal had seen a nationwide lockdown resulting in a complete stoppage of all factories, businesses etc.

GDP of Rs 32.38 trillion is still lower than Rs. 35.66 trillion recorded in the first quarter of 2019-20 i.e. before covid-19. It indicates that India is yet to emerge from the covid induced slump.

However, the GDP data of the present quarter clearly shows the economic recovery. The stock market is also giving a standing ovation with sensex crossing 58K, the fastest-ever record high level.

With vaccination pace picking up, the economic activities have also picked up momentum. The production of coal, natural gas, fertilisers, steel, cement etc has increased considerably in July 2021.

Retail, auto, farm, construction and export sectors have also picked up since June. The healthy GST receipts also suggest recovery of economic activities.

However, private and government consumption numbers remained static. The need to give push to consumption cannot, therefore, be overemphasised.

Though smaller businesses have been badly hit, higher exports and imports will boost manufacturing activities.

The numbers of the upcoming quarter will certainly highlight a better picture of the state of Indian economy.

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pexels


    1. Yes, true, I’ve explained it, but despite, the growth is phenomenal. The numbers of the present quarter will prove that we are on the right track. Thank you for your appreciation and thoughtful comment 😊💐


    1. Thank you so much, Antony for being so hopeful. I appreciate your insight. The second quarter results will further strengthen the recovery, I believe.


  1. This is amazing and beautiful thought of writing about the country’s progress Sir. Much informative n every citizen must be aware of…

    Despite the severe second wave of covid -19 pandemic during the first quarter, the massive growth has made India the fastest-growing major economy across the globe 👍

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  2. I’m not a very sensitive person, but when I hear about India progressing rapidly or being a threat to superpowers like China, I immediately tear up 🥲 With tears in my eyes, THANK YOU for making my day with this post! 🥲 My mother and I were literally talking about this yesterday. We’re growing sooo fast, as an economy. Couldn’t be more proud. Our recovery, as you stated, is good, but Ofcourse, the covid slump. We’ve done surprisingly well with the vaccination drive too and that is certain to ease our situation greatly. So so happy to read this! Bharat Matha is becoming more and more stable and powerful. Should Wade her off of Nazar 🧿😉😁

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    1. This beautiful feedback, I feel, has come out straight from the bottom of your heart, Sahana. I loved it. Thank you so much. I also appreciate you and your concern for the country. I know for sure now that like me, you would also be thrilled at the sight of the tricolour or listening to national anthem. Our nation’s future is bright, no doubt, despite leg pulling by certain forces within and outside.

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