To Err is Human…

We have the versatility
to come out victorious even in adversity,
but at times succumb to weaknesses
with or without a fight,
like a game,
where despite strength and expertise
the better team gives in to the rival team
due to a slight mistake,
the sportsman spirit prevails…

but it’s sheer absurdity
when we say third wave is coming,
as if corona is something like a cyclone,
forgetting conveniently
who are helping warm moist air
for creating air pressure to trigger
the third wave of the corona cyclone…

when corona starts receding
and travelling to woods to say goodbye,
maskless crowds of careless tourists,

political rallies and religious gatherings,
trampling own colleagues underfoot,
rejoicing and unbridled fans of a match
clobbering one another
without social distancing
start inviting it back with
its choicest fodders…

savagery and preaching going
side by side all along
but not ready to learn
from past mistakes, past tragedies,
we are human and to err is human,
but to forgive repetitive silly mistakes
is certainly not divine…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. “we are human and to err is human,
    but to forgive repetitive silly mistakes
    is certainly not divine…”- This is just such a great perspective!
    The way you have written on such a concerning topic is really very impactful and greatly commendable!

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  2. Truly, it’s absurd. The beginning of the pandemic was inevitable, the second wave was learning, but announcing a third wave shows only shamelessness. The death of countless people is no joke. Heuristics need to be applied.
    we are human and to err is human,
    but to forgive repetitive silly mistakes
    is certainly not divine…
    Couldn’t agree more…

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    1. I fully agree with what you have stated. Old habits die hard. Thanks a lot for your reasoned response. I truly appreciate you and your views 😊💐

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  3. It’s really tragic that some people seem to take two and half steps and forget what the mankind has endured so far!! Better safe than sorry has been dumped for careless revelry, putting the life of themselves and others in jeopardy…..Covid appropriate behaviour should be adhered to at all cost to keep the disease at bay.

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  4. So true…we forget our responsibilies just remember the rights…most of us suffer from short term.memory loss… otherwise no reason to forget the sufferings humanity has gone through in last year and a half…we excel in neglecting our duties and then blaming the government for the losses.

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    1. You are right, we all have seen the human sufferings, but some people think they are above par. If something goes wrong, then the government has to bear their brunt. Thank you so much for sharing your concerns in unambiguous terms.🙏💐

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  5. What is it, that makes us turn away from what we have learned? Humans are not perfect but we act with a belief that we cannot be wrong! We forget to live in the present, all of us! 🙏

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    1. What I can fathom is that they think they won’t be affected, they are made of different mettle. Thank you, Ashley for sharing your thoughts 🙏💐

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    1. I agree with you. It happens so often. Picture of virus is haunting, but we have seen more haunting scenes of human sufferings during the second wave. Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙏

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    1. Yes, as if the third wave is coming on its own. Such people don’t look inward, that’s the reason. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections 🙏

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  6. What can be done about it, it is frustrating. Here during our “third wave” there are people who have been looting the shops, total hooliganism and no idea that they are spreading it at the same time. 😢

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  7. Your poem is mirror to current stuation and the lines are soooo real. “We are human and to err is human….”
    When we say third wave is coming, it exactly means that our mistakes gonna haunt us again. Sad but real.

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  8. True that. Honestly, I too have been complacent after getting vaccinated and in adhering to covid appropriate behaviour myself. But things will change from now on. Your blog has really inspired me. Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. I agree with you, Cheryl. Due to negligence of a few people, all are suffering. Thanks aot for your generous words and sharing your thoughts 😊💐


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